Johnnys Cam: Johnnys and you can Marriage + Dating

Many people about Johnnys fandom have often heard on Jin Akanishi’s recent relationship in order to Kuroki Meisa at the beginning of March and you will this has been a pretty hot topic as. The thing that makes one? This should feel like simply everyday hearsay that you’d find in the old newspapers about famous people in the usa, in the industry of Johnnys, and you will East-Western idols, it is an issue. Some individuals has actually asked, “Just why is it including a problem?” and also the question for you is hard to answer, unless you are familiar with how the business works overall. I wanted so it Johnnys Correspond with getting from the Johnnys and you will Wedding due to Jin’s latest relationships and also to stand out light towards a beneficial region of the problem that many international fans, anything like me, won’t understand. I will not end up being these are Jin’s wedding especially, however, talking about the marriages of Johnnys (and East-Western idols) are different versus erican/ west celebrities and just how I’m sure Johnnys to get hitched.


Before getting for the marriage and you will relationships, In my opinion it is critical to explain the management system from idols on the east. I mentioned so it an earlier Johnnys Talk blog post, but most idols (and you will famous people) for the Eastern China is addressed of the a company. It service acts as a mediator within idol and the people who require the fresh new idol having services, in addition to carry out the new around plan and you can what they do because of their business while the an idol. Once i understand it, west famous people don’t possess an agency, but simply an employer or a public relations individual that communicates that have the new force and you can mediates ranging from individuals that should do organization together with them. Inside the Eastern China, new idol get a manager but they merely manage the latest daily activities of your idol, perhaps not in fact allow the idol performs. Addititionally there is a complete ladder of management to own large enterprises such as for example Johnnys, and in some cases the talents wont have even their personal movie director, but a group manager as an alternative. It will be the agency’s occupations so you can designate try to this new idols that comes for the off external source, and additionally designate work with this new center of what they create, that is in a singing group.

Laws and regulations and Visualize

Also management from the an agency will come tight regulations, which includes statutes from the relationships and you may relationship. It is not just Johnnys, but the majority idol groups and you may ability companies, even if for each your regulations are very different. AKB48 together with other communities in the “48” also provide this type of statutes. For many who break these types of statutes, you can be knocked outside of the classification or “requested to help you resign”. Johnnys is not as well tight in the relationships with regards to providing kicked from the service, however they are questioned to save the new dating most personal and you will out from the personal vision. In the event the good Johnnys is stuck dating, more often than not it could be declined therefore the agency (toward one another parties’ part) tend to discharge an official report they are simply loved ones, no matter if that’s right or otherwise not. Johnnys will not get banged outside of the agencies because of one, however, almost every other ability enterprises was stricter. The same thing goes having matrimony, however, there are more rigid rules about that within the Johnnys. Everything has to undergo brand new service about your skill you to definitely it create, off assigning works, to help you who they are relationship, and in case might marry. Why are truth be told there all of these guidelines and just why does that which you have to go from department? It is all from the image.

A keen idol’s (and you can celebrity’s) visualize was everything in Japan, and you will Eastern China. What institution the newest idol matches is even a sign on what variety of photo that idol is meant to depict. When it comes to Johnnys, he or she is supposed to be handsome, clean-cut dudes that seem for you personally to women. An important here is “hunt for your family to all women”. Just how do a great Johnnys dateasianwoman visitors hunt for your needs to all or any women as he is actually relationships anyone or perhaps is married? This is exactly my team pupil front coming-out, but what when it image are stained by the relationship people or getting married? That idol is no longer valuable into agencies. In the event the an idols actually marketable any longer, making it more complicated to the institution to obtain services having brand new idol, which means he could be staying people thereon will not create all of them money. Thus, brand new idol need to adhere to such rules or chance become a responsibility to your company. It is severe, sure, but controlling idols remains a business.

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